URBANFOTO NO. 04 by Vincenzo Frattarola

Stuff I see around the city.
Bethlehem, PA

ORMONDE: Promotional Photos by Vincenzo Frattarola

I have known Anna-Lynne Williams (Tresspassers William, Lotte Kestner, Ormonde) for a few years now.  She asked me to take a few promo shots for Ormonde, her band that she formed with Robert Gomez.  Their new album Cartographer/Explorer, is due out on Nov. 3rd.

COSTLY DESiRES Promo Poster by Vincenzo Frattarola

My friend Megan Becker is an incredibly talented dancer, writer, director, and all-around artist.  Her controversial new play, Costly Desires, explores the gritty reality of the sex-trafficking industry and its effects on the people involved.

She asked me if I would shoot her lead actress for a promotional poster.  The image on the left is the plain photo, and the image on the right is the final product, complete with text.

Costly Desires  premiers in Spokane, WA on October 6th, followed by a limited run in Seattle.